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Read the Revenue Marketing Index Report to see how your peers are driving revenue.


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Educate and certify yourself and your team in Revenue Marketing.

“…it’s time for B2B marketers to look at the sales funnel and proactively decide if they want to be part of the next level of marketing.”
– Laura Hoffman, VP of Global Marketing, Red Lion Controls


Over 1,500 companies have used the Revenue Marketing approach, a proven methodology that enables marketers to go digital, engage customers and grow revenue in a repeatable, predictable and scalable way.

Why Should I Care About Revenue Marketing?

Marketing Executive

✓ Grow revenue ​
✓ Deliver better customer experiences ​
✓ Structure the right team ​
✓ Contribute to the business

Marketing Director

✓ Forecast and meet revenue​
✓ Adopt digital strategies ​
✓ Select the right MarTech ​
✓ Enable the team ​


✓ Meet your campaign goals​
✓ Prove digital marketing works ​
✓ Engage your customers ​
✓ Become a marketing leader​



The Revenue Marketing Journey is a 4-stage maturity model that helps you understand where you are and where you need to go to drive repeatable, predictable and scalable revenue.

Traditional Marketing

  • Marketing focused on brand building
  • The 4 Ps
  • Marketing is not a line of business
  • Marketing & Sales managed in silos


  • Measured on costs
  • Measured on activities

Lead Generation

  • Implemented email platform
  • Product focused
  • Tactical, one-off email blasts
  • Low alignment between sales & marketing


  • Number of leads sent to sales
  • Cost per lead

Demand Generation

  • Integrated MAP with CRM
  • Customer-centric focus
  • Multi-channel nurture campaigns
  • A sales & marketing revenue relationship


  • $ and $ contribution to pipeline and closed/won

Revenue Marketing

  • Data, systems & operations are optimized
  • Customer-centric across organization
  • RPS: Repeatable, scalable, predictable
  • Synergy with sales


  • ROI
  • Forecasting

“To be successful on this journey… We must be competitive, we must continue to learn, and we must continue to socialize the new role of marketing in driving revenue. “
-Joseph Vesey, Chief Marketing Officer at Xylem, Inc.


Read The Revenue Marketing Index™ 2019 Report

With input from over 1,000 marketers and four years of data, The Revenue Marketing Index 2019 Report condenses hundreds of data points to show you where the market stands on their Revenue Marketing journey.  


of respondents indicated they are very capable of assembling and managing technology


of respondents reported being capable or very capable of managing the customer journey


of respondents reported being capable or very capable of reporting financial outcomes


Take The Revenue Marketing Assessment

Assess your team’s Revenue Marketing maturity and gain key insights on areas to improve by taking this 15-minute, multiple choice interactive assessment. You’ll receive a read out with your results so you can compare your team to best-in-class Revenue Marketers.

Take the assessment to get insights to these 6 areas:

  • Strategy: How aligned is marketing to the business?
  • People: Do you have the right team structure and skills to impact revenue?
  • Process: How well do you execute programs and campaigns?
  • Technology: Do you have the right technology integrated to meet your goals?
  • Customer: How well do you know your customer?
  • Results: Are you measuring the right results?


Get Certified in Revenue Marketing

Revenue Marketing University™ provides individual marketers with knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s dynamically different marketing environment. Certify your team members to accelerate your team’s Revenue Marketing transformation

Step 1: Start with the Revenue Marketing BASICS Course for Free!

Topics Include:

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment 
  • Organizational Structure
  • Campaign Management
  • Data Management
  • Technology Awareness
  • Customer Journey Management 
  • Reporting & Analytics

Why Should I Care About Revenue Marketing?

Marketing Executive

  • Learn about the changing role of marketing
  • Figure out how marketing can impact revenue​
  • Create a Revenue Marketing center of excellence

Marketing Director

  • Bring order to the chaos of marketing ​
  • Adopt digital strategies across your team ​
  • Enable and lead your team to revenue growth ​


  • Get introduced to the framework of Revenue Marketing​
  • Create engaging campaigns ​
  • Report on metrics that matter

Start your Revenue Marketing education by reading the first chapter of the book, “Rise of the Revenue Marketer.” This book is written for the B2B marketing executive who is responsible for answering the question “What are you going to do about revenue?”


“Any marketer who wants to remain relevant in the field should read this book and start building the infrastructure to make revenue marketing happen.”   – Michael D Turner, Amazon Review


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